Benjaminz Releases A Reggae Man Vibe

Benjaminz Releases A Reggae Man Vibe
Benjaminz Releases A Reggae Man Vibe

Tyrone Hunter, better known by his stage name Benjaminz, is a Jamaican reggae artist hailing from the district of Louisburg, St. Mary, Jamaica. Raised amidst the rich musical heritage of his country, Tyrone’s journey in music began with a remarkable discovery of his singing ability during a devotion service in high school.

Tyrone’s discography boasts several notable releases and achievements. 

In 2007, his single “Money Can’t Buy Love” served as the title track for his debut album, produced by the UK-based producer Daddy Norman from the Afro Downbeat Label. 

Collaboration has been an integral part of Tyrone’s career. He has worked alongside various renowned artists and bands, including the likes of Baby Cham, Mavado, Gyptian, and Marcia Griffiths. 

Furthermore, Tyrone has ventured into songwriting, contributing to projects such as Rayvon’s “Trouble Again” in collaboration with Evidence Music.

Tyrone’s music carries a strong intention to have a positive impact on his audience. 

With clean, conscious, and uplifting content, his songs convey messages of love, unity, and the importance of contributing to society in a positive way. 

Like many musicians, Tyrone has faced numerous challenges along his journey. He has encountered a lack of support from expected sources, and faced difficulties in finding the right team and producers.

Looking ahead, Tyrone aspires to continue making impactful music and establish himself as a prominent reggae artist. 

Currently, he is actively promoting his single “Reggae Man” from his upcoming album, a project he is collaborating on with DJ Astro Black from Asto Melody Records.