Reggae Revellers Pleased To Announce Zoe Mazah’s New Album Release Higher Vibration

Reggae Revellers Pleased To Announce Zoe Mazah's New Album Release Higher Vibration
Reggae Revellers Pleased To Announce Zoe Mazah's New Album Release Higher Vibration

The sum of passion and meeting with like-minded people became the start of Zoe Mazah’s fourth studio album. Higher Vibration is about finding out who you are, staying true to yourself, your values and beliefs.

Zoe Mazah Higher Vibration
Zoe Mazah Higher Vibration

Together with the two producers and musicians Louie Melody from Portugal and Rocksteady Fred from Sweden (Silent Nancy), the most down-to-earth album in Mazahs catalog is presented. Connected through their love for heavy roots music the trio’s collaboration lead to the extraordinary original sound of Higher Vibration. The groove and the horns are at the center of the sound. All instruments played, the Deep Roots, Rock Steady and Rub A Dub combining perfectly with Zoe’s elegant, sometimes almost jazzy melodies and vintage arranged harmonies, while her timeless voice draws you into her world of thoughts and emotions.

Her lyrics speaking about life itself. Honest, real and even raw, the artist sings about her personal experiences. About being human, a mother, a woman, a lover, a friend and most of all, a musician, who does not only want to entertain but share a message with her audience.

Zoe Mazah has extensive experience from the reggae scene and has previously collaborated with artists such as Alborosie and the Marleys. She plays Live worldwide with her band or in an eclectic electronic set up in a Live Dub format.

Track Listing

01 Zoe Mazah – Black Girl Magic

02 Boogie Rock

03 Over The Moon

04 I Turn To You

05 Unbreakable

06 Soul Rebel

07 Leave A Light On

08 Skylarking

09 Take It Slow

10 Give Thanks For Life

11 Into The Light