Jahmali Takes Listeners On An Unprecedented Musical Journey to a Pleasant Place

Jahmali Takes Listeners On An Unprecedented Musical Journey to a Pleasant Place
Jahmali Takes Listeners On An Unprecedented Musical Journey to a Pleasant Place

Jahmali returns with “Pleasant Place,” his first studio album in nine years on March 24. The powerhouse artist takes listeners on an unprecedented 17-track musical journey on the new album from his Roaring Ras imprint, which embodies themes of empowerment and spirituality.

Positively-fueled messages match the roaring vocals of the international artist, who unquestionably shifts the direction of Reggae music on this explosive project. Boasting elements of Roots, Rock, and Reggae, the expertly curated “Pleasant Place” is a meaningful body of work bound to impact the masses for years to come.

“The key thing I want audiences to take away from ‘Pleasant Place’ is the effect my music has on their entire state of ‘being,’ namely the way it speaks to them. I’m certain that it will,” says Jahmali passionately.

The diverse tracks on “Pleasant Place” serve as an ultimate playlist for music lovers, gifting listeners a rare opportunity to enjoy an entire album of high-caliber songs. This offering is both uplifting and entertaining. Each song is a standout, carrying its musical weight. There are some familiar favorites on “Pleasant Place,” including a revamp of the breakthrough hit “El Shaddai” and the captivating “Made for a Woman,” but the lion’s share of songs are new gems.

Upholding the album’s theme, Jahmali’s delightful vocals adorn a warm lover’s rock rhythm on “Her Pleasant Place.” The aptly titled “Empowering” features child singers and reflects on the positive affirmation of love and knowledge of self. The beautiful and moving selection “House of My Sojourn” mirrors the pitfalls and triumphs of one’s destiny.

The serene and light “Set Free Yuh Medi” has an enchanting hook and clears the mind. Meanwhile, the international artist erupts in “Dancehall Avenger,” declaring the genre can have a cultural agenda, which he will defend. In the same vein, on “Sekkle Down,” Jahmali melodically alerts the masses of the writings on the wall and rebukes negative people and the happenings surrounding them. Unquestionably, “Pleasant Place” is Jahmali’s best work to date. The renowned artist credits “personal growth as an individual and a creator” for such a title. “I believe this growth is reflected in these works,” Jahmali says.

“Pleasant Place” is an example of musical greatness destined to alter the trajectory of Reggae music moving forward. On this extraordinary album, Jahmali bares his soul, proving music with meaning is still achievable.