Reggae Angels Releases New Album “Remember Our Creator” Featuring Sly & Robbie

Reggae Angels

Kingston, Jamaica (Powerhouse Global Media) – The Reggae Angels have released an appealing, inspiring and sonically pleasing production titled “Remember Our Creator.” Released officially on April 2, 2021, this incredibly refreshing body of work was produced by Kings Music International.

“The title “Remember Our Creator” reminds us all to remember God and to live with the fear of God to keep us watching and checking how we live that it is truly continuously positive. This concept unites humanity knowing that it is the one Creator that gave us all our existence, our bodies, our minds and all of our attributes. This makes us all equal in the oneness of God, as we are all His creations,” the band’s lead singer, Peter “Fenton” Wardle, revealed.

Containing 12 tracks in all, the physical album is a two disc package featuring vocal and dub versions. The project features contributions from an all-star cast of talented musicians, starting with Grammy award winning production duo, Sly & Robbie, who provide the drums and bass. Also featured are musicians Dwight Pinkney, Dean Fraser, Ronald “Nambo” Robinson, Addis “Pablo” Swaby, Chris Meredith, Patrick Murray and Franklyn “Bubbler” Waul, among others.

“Emotionally, the album reminds me of God and a serious sense of purpose as a servant of God. It makes me feel an awareness of God and it makes me feel happy to hear the messages in melodies and song. As I continue to play the album and get to know it better, I appreciate the musical interaction of the various parts in the music,” Wardle stated.

Based in Oakland, California, The Reggae Angels are a world class Reggae act with an impressive catalogue of 15 albums since debut. Delivering what can be described as high-energy performances with a prophetic message and a happy, uplifting sound, the Reggae Angels have graced stages across the globe, having performed at major US and European festivals. They have also embarked on tours across North America, Hawaii and Europe, and have done performances in South America and Africa. With this new album, the band hopes to reach a wider audience and let their music resonate with listeners through their universally conscious blend of music.

“I hope this album will spread out and be heard by many more people worldwide than the past Reggae Angels albums and I hope for this album to be a source of guidance, hope and upliftment and I hope it positively impacts many people,” Fenton expressed.

“Remember Our Creator” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.

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