New Release From Capleton and Irie Ites Throw Us Down

capleton - ire-ites-throw-us-down

Irie Ites Records label is reissuing one of the big tunes in its catalog with a new mix and a new master.
This track will be accompanied by an exclusive Dub version mixed by Jericho from Irie Ites.

CAPLETON “Throw Us Down” is a burning message addressed to the politicians who govern us while taking advantage of the situation for their personal account …
Find this hit tune in digital format from the riddim ZION composed by the famous duo MAFIA & FLUXY !!

Available on 
Groovy Situation | Keith Rowe, Irie Ites | Irie Ites (
Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes,…

Artistes : Capleton x Irie Ites 
Music : Mafia & Fluxy
Titles : “Throw Us Down” – “Throw Us Down Dub”
Mix : Irie Ites
Publishing : Irie Ites Intl
Format : Digital
Digital distribution : Evidence Music
Label : Irie Ites Records
Promotion : Musical Impact

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