Kayafyahouse’s 4th Studio Album “Mr Herbsman” Is Out Now!

Kayafyahouse's 4th Studio Album "Mr Herbsman" Is Out Now
Kayafyahouse's 4th Studio Album "Mr Herbsman" Is Out Now

After some unfortunate setbacks, Holland-based reggae singer Kayafyahouse is feeling elated about the release of his fourth studio album, Mr Herbsman. The eleven-track reggae project – which was recorded and mastered in Jamaica – went live on all streaming platforms on January 9th, 2024. 

With contributions from some of the best musicians in the reggae industry, Mr Herbsman is already being lauded for its exceptional production quality. Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Dalton Browne, Robbie Lyn, Dean Fraser, Sydney ‘Bongo Billy’ Watson, Melbourne ‘Dusty’ Miller, Donald ‘Danny’ Dennis, Mitchum ‘Khan’ Chin, and Paul ‘Wrongmove’ Crosdale have all added their respective skill set to the LP. 

What’s more, it was recorded at various studios in Jamaica: Anchor, Penthouse, One Pop, Tad’s Recordings, Mixing Lab, and Home Grown Muzik Recording, and was mastered by Christopher Daley in Kingston. Although Kayafyahouse is both the executive and creative producer, he credits Dean Fraser and the Fire House Crew for aiding him in the arrangements.

It is clear that no expense was spared on this body of work. It is well produced with relaxing roots-reggae and dub rhythms, as well as lyrics centered on relationships, social issues, the reggae genre, and life in general. Kudos to Toney Owens the 1st – Kayafyahouse‘s manager – who brought the singer to Jamaica in 2013, so as to connect him to all the aforementioned accomplished reggae figures.