JT Child Of Faith New Tune To Addresses Jamaica’s Crime Problem “Only Love JA”

JT Child Of Faith New Tune To Addresses Jamaica's Crime Problem "Only Love JA"
JT Child Of Faith New Tune To Addresses Jamaica's Crime Problem "Only Love JA"

Having grown up in a crime-prone district — Gregory Park, St. Catherine, Jamaica —recording artist JT Child of Faith has been exposed to some egregious acts committed by various local malefactors. It is these experiences that have inspired his new single, Only Love Ja, released independently on November 1st. 

He explains: “I born and grow in Gregory Park …crime was always there but it got worse in 2002 and has remained that way to this day. The prime minister had to visit the community in August of this year because the crime was so bad.”

Directed by renowned engineer and producer Phatta – from Anchor Studios in Kingston – Only Love Ja is an authentic reggae track that was built with all live instruments. The pulsating roots rhythm is leathered with JT‘s inspirational message for his beloved island. He sings:

Only love can make Jamaica right
Only love can make Jamaica nice
Only love only love can make Jamaica rise
Only love only love so let us all unite.

When asked what he would like listeners to take away from the song, a humble JT said the following: “as Jamaicans we should love one another no matter our position, so that Jamaica can, under God, increase in beauty. 

Only Love Ja can be streamed and downloaded from iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and all other digital streaming platforms. The official video, which was shared a few days before the audio was published, can be viewed on YouTube.