Mr Easy To Headline DMV White Out Show

Mr Easy To Headline DMV White Out Show
Mr Easy To Headline DMV White Out Show

Mr Easy is headed to the DMV to headline Wee Culture’s 6th Annual “White Out,” alongside Problem Child. The highly anticipated Reggae meets Soca themed show is set to attract a cross-section of Caribbean music lovers to Laurel, Maryland on March 25, 2023.

As the esteemed entertainer has been delivering hit music over the course of his storied career, scores of DJs and fans around the world have vibed to the sounds of Mr Easy incessantly for decades. The “Drive Me Crazy” singer has released several hot songs recently with “Times Like These,” “High Grade” and “Wait Forever” leading the way.

Namely, Mr Easy’s new one drop (slower tempo of Reggae) style songs are garnering the attention of the masses, catapulting the renowned talent to top tier DJ playlists, while warming the musical palates of audiences.
The Stingray Records produced “Times Like These,” featuring the late Dancehall deejay Trinity, is rising to the top. Hailing from the singer’s exceptional “Legendary” album, the nostalgic “Times Like These” is quickly becoming a favorite. Mr Easy’s unmistakable, sweet vocals almost make listeners forget the challenging times he sings of on the record.

A buzz also surrounds “Wait Forever” from international producer Love Star Music. Truly a lover’s “tune” as Reggae music fans call hot song selections, “Wait Forever” is another fine example of Mr Easy at his best! Doubling as a songwriter, Mr Easy’s lyrics and vocals are….you guessed it, quite “Easy” on the ears. As if the music catalog of the popular act couldn’t be bursting more at the seams, worldwide audiences are loving “High Grade,” with red-hot female rapper Kyah Baby. The song, reigning as a smoker’s anthem, is a perfect and cohesive example of Reggae Dancehall and Hip Hop on a record. As New York recently opened its first legal dispensary, the song from these fiery New York artists peaked in popularity. With the song’s hold on listeners and 420 on the horizon, there’s no doubt “High Grade” is here for the long haul.

DMV promoter, Wee Culture
DMV promoter, Wee Culture

What makes Mr Easy a stand-out act are his wildly diverse vocals and his ability to navigate various styles and genres of music appeal to producers, event promoters and fans. Concertgoers are gearing up for an electrifying show by the performer at the Reggae meets Soca themed event. Notably, Mr Easy has teamed up with the ultimate DMV promoter, Wee Culture. Producing upscale Caribbean entertainment events is the successful mission of Dane Miguel, curator of Wee Culture.

Mr Easy is truly one of the most humble talents a fan will ever meet, leaving an indelible mark on Reggae and Dancehall music and culture for over 30 years. His extensive repertoire includes the blockbuster “Drive Me Crazy,” “Rain Again,” “Murder,” “Bashment Time,” “A Who,” “Strangest Thing” and more!

The accomplished entertainer was the first Reggae singer to win “Showtime at the Apollo.” As a result of his breakout victory, Mr Easy was signed by Quincy Jones to Quest Records/Warner Bros. Notably, his music can be heard in the cult classic films “Belly” and “After the Sunset” with Pierce Brosnan, Selma Hayek, Woody Harrelson and Don Cheadle.

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