Jah Jah Time Riddim Official Release January 30th January Produced By Zed2Dizee Music Production

jah jah reiddim

Jah Jah Time Riddim is the second album of the label Zed2diZee Music Production by Zion Head.
The same artistes and friends of Zion Head, the producer of Jah Jah time Riddim, participate to this project  : Jah Lightin Mountain, I live aka Dappamann, Run Ja Boss Ka, Cento P.

Some others artists recorded on this version as Awa Fall, Ras Mc Bean, Macka B & Luciano.
A very good album with a riddim composed by Ras Tea and mixed by Jeh Jeh ( Roots Attack ).

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1 Luciano : Give Us A Chance
2 Macka B : Hail Rasta
3 Ras Mc Bean : She ‘s My Queen
4 Cento P : Only Love
5 Zion Head : Why We Fighting For
6 Awa Fall : Can’t You See
7 I Live Dappamann : All Eyes On Jah
8 Run Ja Boss KA : Ganja Affi Bun
9 Jah Lighting Mountain : Just Take It Easy
10 Jah Jah Time Riddim


Composition & arrangements : Ras Tea
Keteh Drum : Ifi
Trombon : Adelaide Songeons
Saxophone : Gerald Grandman
Artwork: Tidouz
Mix : Jeh Jeh ( Roots attack)
Mastering : Upstairs Entertainment
Production : Zed2diZee Music Production
Publishing : Zojak Wordwide
Promotion : Musical Impact

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