Black Roots Releases Their New Track Nothing In The Larder

Black Roots Nothing in the larder

Food poverty has become one of the starkest economic realities affecting vulnerable communities in the richest and most powerful democracies since the start of this century. And it is set to get worse, not least because we are dealing with a worldwide pandemic that has no clear end date. Economic hardship and poverty are on the rise.

Footage of interviews with families who cannot afford to put food on the table to feed their children, of people going to food banks and long line of cars (in the USA for example) queueing up to collect food parcels, and of experts discussing how inequality is being fuelled by economic policies designed to protect the interests of and benefit the few over the many, are all too common.

We are used to seeing the images of famines on our screens and the devastating effects they have in the poorest countries in the world but what we are seeing now in the so called ‘developed world’ is unprecedented. Benefits are being cut, poverty is increasing and   working parents do not earn enough to see them through from pay day to pay day.  Where will all this end?

This song, the title track from the forthcoming album that releases on 4th June 2021, highlights this growing problem, but it also acknowledges that there needs to be greater understanding, more wisdom and knowledge in the world if there is going to be real change.