I-Shenko Unveils “King Life” Album

I-Shenko Unveils “King Life” Album
I-Shenko Unveils “King Life” Album

Reggae artiste I-Shenko has officially released his debut studio album, “King Life.” A joint independent label production by Drettbeats/Rebel Kolony Entertainment, the 13-track album was released on January 27, 2023.

“The name ‘King Life’ really represents most of the tracks on the album and is also the title of one of the singles off the album. ‘King Life’ represents the journey you have been through in life, from your struggles to your achievements and a reminder that no matter what hardships you go through, every man is a King and every woman is a Queen. It’s up to us to motivate ourselves/ each other and push accordingly,” the artiste explained about the project.

With a fusion of Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Reggae and Dancehall in tow, the artiste showcases his diverse musical chops, with collaborations from fellow Reggae artistes including Turbulence, Booba Starr, Dwayno, Righteous Rush, Goldy Badlion and Jizzani I.S.M., as well as rappers Five Steez and International Hak.

“I’m hoping that when they listen to this album, listeners will resonate with the global vibes. Current and potential fans can relate to the tracks and set whatever mood based on what they’re listening to and feeling at that time,” the artiste expressed.

As an album that was started as early as 2012, it has been at least ten years in the making and was made possible by an able team with credits going to Mederic Riette aka Drett (Drettbeats), Stephen Selvyn aka Eddy Barboozle (Fresh Out The Box Productions), Christopher McCarthy aka Macky XI (Macky XI Records) and Romien Bradford aka Ahbentlee (Ahbentlee Records).

With the release of this album, I-Shenko is looking forward to continued growth on his journey, as much more is in store for the near future.

“Being an artiste from Jamaica who loves and appreciates my culture, I have fused my sounds with different genres with the hopes of reaching potential fans globally, while also sharing my culture and experiences with them. I hope my music can reach fans worldwide to uplift and motivate them in whatever way possible,” the artiste stated.

“King Life” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.