Eternal Light Riddim Produced By Selmad Out Now

Eternal Light Riddim Produced By Selmad Out Now
Eternal Light Riddim Produced By Selmad Out Now

I am DJ Selmad dj/artist/producer. I produce”Reggae/Hip Hop/Dancehall” artists with my independent label “Selmad Records”.

Music can set people free. (Bob Marley)

I present to you my production of a Reggae compilation in One Riddim format: “Eternal Light Riddim“, with 5 artists mostly Jamaican:

Perfect Giddimani, Jennifer Barrett, Isiah Mentor, Ricky Chaplin and Ed Garjae (France) on an original instrumental composed by JP Bodi.

Track Listing Eternal Light Riddim :

Isiah Mentor – I am A rastaman

Perfect Giddimani – Life isn’t that

Jennifer Barrett – Thunda & Lightening

Ed Garjae – Conscious Mind

Ricky Chaplin – Love rastafari

Eternal Light Riddim Instrumental

Compositor: JP BODI (Jean-Philippe Bodinier)

Saxophon : Romain Mercier

Programmation : DJ Selmad (Marc-Antoine DOLAY)

Mixing & Mastering : EXL (Alexis Mischler) CockpitStudio

Singers : Isiah Mentor (Ian Samuels), Ed Garjae (Edwin Garjae Payne), Ricky Chaplin (Wilfred Chamber), Jennifer Barrett, Perfect Giddimani (Greg Rose)

Artwork : Avacom

Distribution : iMusician

Production : Selmad Records

Recording : Selmad Records, Answor Recording Studio,EKKO Sound, XXS Studio

Promotion : Musical Impact

The Selmad Records label was created at the end of 2017 by Markus Dolay aka “Dj Selmad”, in France in Angers.

French independent, he specializes in the productionof Reggae/Hip Hop/Dancehall music with English speaking and French artists.

He collaborates with composers, musicians and artistsfrom different backgrounds, in order to create and share his music.