Announcing The EP Release Of Dubitude From Lee Fry 

EP Release Of Dubitude From Lee Fry 
EP Release Of Dubitude From Lee Fry 

 Five track EP by the Italian producer Roberto ‘Orde’ Casetta aka Lee Fry entitled Dubitude, released on his own label Lee Fry Music back in 2021, but never got the “publicity: it deserved. Although it is not a new release, we consider it should be heard and we highly recommend it.

For this instrumental work, the producer leaves aside the electro/world/rap sounds of his previous album Kalipè and his latest singles to return to reggae and dub, but always contributing with his original and varied style.

The EP features bases played with instruments accompanied by a digital part, with particular attention to the rhythms. The Piedmontese artist gave the final touch by involving five dubmasters, to whom he entrusted each of the songs to enrich them with their effects, thus giving the project an important dub identity.

Dubitude, recorded in his studio, can be found on all digital platforms while the CD is available by direct request from the Lee Fry Music label.

Lee Fry

Lee Fryis the artistic name from behind which producer Roberto OrdeCasettaoperates. Originally from Italy, Orde became passionate about reggae music as a child thanks to his sisters’ Bob Marley cassette, and from that moment he embarked on a musical journey of personal research and promotion of reggae in his region.
Since 2000, he has not only organized events and concerts with the Rootz Flava crew, but also formed a band, Malaweeda, with whom he released three albums and performed in several concerts. Later he also explored electronic music and folk / indie with two other bands, VIP Veniamo in pace and Los Refusè.
In 2015 he decided to give life to the Lee Fry Music project, dedicating himself to the organization of events. These include the ETnICamente festival, of which he is the creator and artistic director, and collaborations with various theatrical companies where he supplies soundtracks and music production, showcasing his musical experiences “without borders” , with particular attention to reggae and black music.
Lee Fry Music has participated in the production of numerous albums and singles by other artists.
He has fourworks of his own: threeEPs, Mooga Sessions(2018), Andale(2019), and Dubitude(2021),and one album, Kalipè(2020).DISCOGRAPHYMooga SessionsEP 2018AndaleEP 2019Kalipè2020DubitudeEP 2021CONTACTSPress: runit@runitagency.comArtist: