DejaMck is celebrating the release of his new EP

DejaMck - Let's Party
DejaMck - Let's Party

Recording artiste DejaMck is celebrating the release of his new EP, “Go Fe Di Goal Teamwork.” Produced by P.H.E (Polyphonic House Entertainment), the EP was officially released on June 1, 2022.

“I would like to think of the project as a combination of my personalities, likes, dislikes and also showing my versatility,” the artiste explained.

Completed in just about 4 months, the EP contains 7 tracks in all, with titles “Money Heist”, “Decency”, “Let’s Party”, “Success”, “Me Real Friend Dem”, “Loose Control” and the title track, “Go Fe Di Goal.”

“This project offers a fusion of genres, in my view. I’ve gotten some positive reviews mixed with negative but the response has been good overall. I’m hoping to send a message and gain some fans in the same length of breath,” the artiste expressed.

Currently an independent artiste, DejaMck is a Savanna-La-Mar native who enjoys creating positive and uplifting music, basking in the journey that is his ever growing music career. Prior to the EP’s release, the artiste recorded a song for Donna “Aunty Donna” Gowe’s charity programme titled “Planka Planka.” The work continues, as he is in the process of creating new music for his fans to enjoy in the near future.

“I’m just pushing forward, hopefully we’ll reap the benefit of time and effort and get the chance to connect with the universe,” he stated.

The “Go Fe Di Goal Teamwork” EP is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms such as iTunes. Amazon and Deezer.

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