Chan Kitty and Corey Finesse Make Instant Connection in New Track, “Wah Mi”

Chankitty - Wah Mi ft Corey Finesse
Chankitty - Wah Mi ft Corey Finesse

Chan Kitty has teamed up with fellow artiste Corey Finesse on a flavorsome delivery titled “Wah Mi.” The track and official video, directed by Tin Man, were released on July 15.Produced by Zone1Entertainment the high energy song is  already a crowd favorite and has the potential to become a big hit.

“This is the type of song that will get you moving, it’s high energy and full of vibes something that my fans will definitely love,” the artiste stated. 

Working together with great synergy, the connection was made through Chan Kitty’s manager, Judith McIntyre, who is also Corey Finesse’s aunt and producer of the track.

“My aunt told me she had a wicked artiste in Jamaica she believed in and had been working with. She played a few of Chan’s records for me but told me there was one special for me, one she knew I’d like,” Corey said. The Brooklyn, New York native, who has been in the game professionally for the past 7 years, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration and knows it will be well received. 

“The thing about me is I love music, all genres, and if I really like a record, then it doesn’t matter if you’re known or unknown; I’ll definitely make a song with you, plus the chemistry on set was amazing” he added.

With the positive feedback for the track since its release, Chan Kitty is looking forward to the impact it will have on her musical journey. 

“Seeing the positive response so far, it has been a great feeling because I think this song is going to push my career further. I’m looking forward to great things, more collaborations, more experiences to push my career,” she expressed. 

Having previously released “Mi Neva Look Your Man” and making an appearance on recording artiste Blak T’s “Games” Chan Kitty is a steadily growing artiste who is making the moves to keep her supporters entertained. 

“I have more good music to come, the EP is on its way and coming later this year so look out for that,” she revealed.

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