Damion Hype Pauses Acting To Focus On Music

Damion Hype Pauses Acting To Focus On Music
Damion Hype Pauses Acting To Focus On Music

Still riding high after being awarded Best Supporting Actor at the Mid-South Black Film Festival for his role in the short film Girl Wake Up, Tennessee-based actor and artiste Damion Hype is looking to take a break from the screen and invest more energy in the recording studio.

He recently added another song to his catalogue titled Cold Blooded, and is currently compiling a track list to produce his debut album. Damion Hype said that he anticipates the productions will open the eyes of listeners to make changes in the way they interact and engage others.

“Most people should be able to relate to the lyrics of my latest single. As a matter of fact, it is a reflection of exactly what’s happening in our country right now. I’m working on getting more collaborations done and completing Yard Fusion, which is the title I chose to debut with, as that is me personified,” he told THE STAR.

He continued: “I’m grateful for all my achievements as an actor but the music is the focus for now. However, I’m definitely open to adding to my work load (so) if an acting opportunity comes my way I’ll consider it.”

Taking the advice of his mother, Lorna Brown, coming out of one of their many cherished one-on-one conversations, the artiste decided he would pen the lyrics to Cold Blooded.

The video, which was shot by Media JA, was uploaded to YouTube a month ago. Brown is featured in a scene, he said, “as her advice has always made an impression, and I needed her support in the video production.”

“A mother sees things no one else can. Every time I would visit my home, I would take gifts like shoes for my friends, who I thought were solid until she pointed out disloyal behaviour. Her advice to me was ‘Son, stay awake, don’t fall for the smiles and the congratulations’. I’ve also dedicated this production to the lessons she has taught me,” Damion Hype shared.

Born and raised in Portland, Damion Hype, given name Damion Lumsden, has had the unique advantage of blending elements of his culture with that of Memphis, to which he migrated at age 18. This can be heard throughout his catalogue, in songs such as You Mi WantAbove Di Wata, and Reggae Mood which is featured on the My Version EP he released earlier this year.

He said that he wants to break into the social and entertainment space in Jamaica by acquiring more local bookings, while expanding his global reach.

“I’ve experienced a lot with my eyes open and I’m just hoping my music will drive awareness amongst persons in the same situation. As my song gets into the dancehall market and globally, I want it to make impact on those within the recording community,” Damion Hype said.

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