Big Ship Alliance Bringing A Positive Message – Need More Love


Big Ship Alliance, A Unique, Authentic Reggae Tribute Band

Long overdue and awaited, The Big Ship Alliance bringing a message through the positive vibes of authentic reggae music. Caring for and loving one another and our environment. We need more love in the ghetto.

  • The Big Ship Alliance is a unique, authentic reggae band consisting of seven experienced and professional reggae musicians. We are a Freddie McGregor tribute reggae band based in Birmingham UK. The band was formed in October 2019 and performed our first gig on January 4, 2020, to celebrate Ethiopean Genna at The Heartlands Banqueting Suite, Birmingham. We are of diverse ages and backgrounds with a plethora of reggae experience. 
  • We take pride in knowing that we are the first reggae tribute band to Freddie McGregor. Besides, we work hard to make sure we give our best, thus creating that wow factor for our audience. We also perform original songs and songs from other reggae artists to add variety to our show when needed. The uniqueness of the Big Ship Alliance reggae band is how we came together.
  •  We believe we came together for a purpose. We have the gift, we weren’t looking, but the calling came, and we responded. A few facts about the Big Ship Alliance which add to its uniqueness are, we play classic and contemporary authentic reggae music. We team up with other reggae bands(Johnny2bad) and musicians(Stones, Robbie Levi and Marley)from the reggae fraternity in the community to work on joint projects. All of this amounts to the band creating good reggae vibes for our audience and fans.   
  • Bio of the band