Ch4se – New Love Song


Recording artiste Ch4se has released a sweet new love song titled “I’ll Save My Love.” Produced by Sajay Productions, the track is featured on the Uncut Diamond riddim.

“I’ll save my love is about finding love and knowing that you have found the right person to share your life with. It also speaks about building trust and making a commitment to build with that person regardless of different situations that try to deter you from being with that person,” the artiste explained.

Released in May 2020, the track has been receiving rave reviews and feedback. The song has received spins locally on Irie FM, as well as internationally in Ghana, the UK and Australia. A music video for the track is currently in the works.

Pursuing music professionally for the past 12 years, the Kingston-born artiste grew up with music being a part of his life for as long as he can remember. Drawing influences mainly from R&B and Reggae, the artiste has been honing his craft and developing his own distinct sound.
“I consider myself an artiste who is not fixed to one style of music. Music has become integrated globally and every genre is influenced by different cultures and styles so I try to use different influences whenever I create,” he expressed.

Most known for tracks “Breathe” and “Closer”, Ch4se is now working with the label to expand his catalogue, with his forthcoming EP.

“Prior to us working on the EP, Sajay produced a single titled “Call Me”. The musical energy was good on that single so we decided to put our efforts to create a full project,” he said. Expecting great things from this project, the artiste’s aim to inspire love and spread positivity through his music.
“We believe in the vision and know that we have the capacity to produce a quality and lasting body of work. We are in the final stages of creating the EP and look forward to unveiling it to the world,” the artiste added.
“I’ll Save My Love” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms such as Deezer, Amazon Music and Spotify.

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