Munay Ki Dub from Argentina New Track “Bad Babylon”

Munay Ki Dub from Argentina New Track 
Munay Ki Dub from Argentina New Track "Bad Babylon"

Munay Ki Dub, the electronic dub trio from the mountains of central Argentina, returns with a new single/remix of their 2019 tune Bad Babylon.The 2024 remix is done by Thriakis Dub Destroyer Founded in 2006, Thriakis Dub Destroyer is a one-man-dub project from Paris, France.

Influenced by urban electronic sounds and the Reggae/dub universe,he has been working to create,define and get a solid and unique music style. Influenced by the Electro-Dub movement he uses his experience to produce a dub that goes further than tagsand genres, adding new ways of experimentation.