Ahzid Calls For Unity On New Single

Generations - Sista P ft Ahzid
Generations - Sista P ft Ahzid

Dancehall artiste Ahzid feels that his most recent release, Generations, which features Sista P, is a call for Caribbean people to return to the concept of family bonds and unity.

“This song is about establishing strong family bonds again. For as long as I can remember, Jamaica has been a nation of fatherless children, and one of the biggest problems we ah see is the family killings; the domestic violence, brother ah kill brother, brother ah kill father, sister ah kill sister, uncle ah kill nephew. We need back love inna our families, generational love,” Ahzid said.

It is estimated that 47 per cent of Jamaica’s children live in single-parent homes with their biological mothers. Lead researcher Professor Maureen Samms Vaughn did a recent study that shows deterioration in the relationship between mothers and the fathers of their children by the time the infant reaches four years old.

“That’s why we have to make those family connections again. Migration, fatherlessness, domestic violence; we have to go back to a place of love in the family unit, back to the cultural bond that was part of our true Jamaican culture,” said Ahzid, whose given name is Kevon Smalling. More than 1,000 persons have been murdered in Jamaica since January 1.

Ahzid said he made the connection with Sista P when she sought him out after hearing his song, Gotta Live My Dream One Day.

“She loved my delivery method and my tone of voice, and it came out really great; it’s a really good song,” he said.

Ahzid, who hails from New Market, St Elizabeth, is known for the single 9 Life, which was popular in Manchester, St Elizabeth and Westmoreland. The track’s video has generated thousands of views since its release.

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