Adam S.Z Releases A One Drop Riddim Called This World

Adam S Z Releases A One Drop Riddim Called This World
Adam S Z Releases A One Drop Riddim Called This World

Adam S.Z delivers a powerful performance over a classic one drop riddim on this ʼThis World.ʼ A plea for humanity to put away the war and division , with energy that is both hopeful and somber. From the opening horn line you know this track is something special with driving bass and drum accompanied by sweet guitar skank and keys with a lead guitar melody that catches your attention to set the stage for the lyrics.

Adam S.Z - This World
Adam S.Z – This World

With a catchy hook and conscious melodic lyrics, Adam S.Z takes the listener on a journey straight to the universal heart and soul, creating an anthem that includes all of humanity. Interesting minor key bridge with the simple refrain to ‘love each other , thatʼs the only way.ʼ A strong debut single that combines Adamʼs influences of vintage and modern conscious reggae music with hints of R&B and rock.

Inspired by reflecting on the wave of gun violence taking the lives of innocent children in forms of school shootings, police brutality, senseless wars – and the deep conviction that within each and everyone one of us there is a common higher love that we can reach for and connect. ‘Let This World Live Together As One, Put Away All the Wars. Put Away All The Gunsʼ.

Mixed by Angelo Quaglia , with the corresponding Dub mixed and produced by Andrew ‘Moonʼ Bain (Zion I Kings).