Yann Loisel’s Releases new Track “Rocky Road” From His Upcoming EP “Upon The Road Part II”

Yann Loisel - Rocky Road
Yann Loisel - Rocky Road

Almost two months after “Upon The Road Part I”, Yann Loisel releases his next single. “Rocky Road” gives a first taste of Yann Loisel’s upcoming EP “Upon The Road Part II”, to be released on the 25th of November.

This uplifting and powerful track carries a positive message and good vibrations, bringing a taste of summer to this Fall. Recorded in Germany, France and Mexico, Yann Loisel’s debut is the result of a international collaboration with renown artists such as The Evolution Band, Lengualerta (Mexico), Longfingah and Sebastian Sturm.

The first part of Yann Loisel debut LP, released at the beginning of September, has already been played on numerous radio shows around the world and has been featured in several music blogs.