Twan Tee Featuring Konchuz New Release Here We Go Again

Twan Tee Featuring Konchuz New Release Here We Go Again
Twan Tee Featuring Konchuz New Release Here We Go Again

Twan Tee is one of the new reggae releases not to be missed this month and sets the tone for his next album!

Here We Go Again” conveys a breath of motivation for reggae/dub fans. It was with Konchuz, in Jamaica, that they gave birth to this ultra-effective track punctuated with trap, inspired by parties and the letting go of the island’s traditional sound systems.

Twan Tee

TWAN TEE continues its rise and will soon present a new album.

His flow coupled with daring musical productions that mix reggae/dub, bass music, dancehall and trap have allowed TWAN TEE to impose a universe of his own, always supported by the french producer ODDY in each of his projects.

Released in April 2023, his latest album “INNERGY” was enthusiastically received by an increasing number of listeners discovering and supporting his project.

The last few years have been productive for TWAN TEE who has stood out in reggae/dub scene. On stage, he also multiplies his appearances, hitting the stage of the biggest French festivals. He is accompanied by ODDY behind his machines for an explosive live performance!

A little less than a year after the release of “INNERGY”, it’s between Jamaica and France that he lays the foundations for his new album. For mixes and instrumentals ODDY remains in charge, in tandem with JehJeh from Roots Attack for two tracks. This third album is the right combination of “CROSSING” and “INNERGY”, with the bonus of numerous international featurings : Warrior King, Konchuz, Yaadcore, Omar Perry, Tylinan… to be discovered over the coming months!

During his latest trip to Jamaica, Twan Tee performed a series of freestyles accompanied by Jamaican artists. Discover or rediscover these big vibes through these videos entitled VIBZ CORNER!