Time to Reset The Mindset – Scratchylus and Empress Reggae Reset The Mindset UK University Tour Black History Month


This year Black History Month  and Student Times are organising a university tour to coincide with the release of the brand new Educational Vinyl Reset The Mindset along with smash hit singles ‘Is Change A Game They Play’, ‘I Hear The Children Cry’ and ‘Plant The Food.

The title track Reset The Mindset has been the inspiration for this year’s theme for Black History Month. ‘’ We need to Reset The Mindset of Mankind and Womankind, We need to Reset The Mindset in order to cleanse their mind’’

In these changing times we need messages of enlightenment, awareness and unity. The songs Scratchylus and Empress Reggae are promoting Highlight these issues. Resetting The Mindset of the unconscious bias is paramount and education is key – ‘‘Remember that thinking and thoughts come before the word and action, We need to show context in education , Join the dots to raise the next generation’’

Scratchylus and Empress Reggae will be visiting universities to perform their songs and participate in debates during Black History Month where they have always had a tremendous response.

Scratchylus still has dates available. All bookings will be promoted on Black History Month and Student Times Websites.

For more information email; ayana@blackhistorymonth.org.uk

Twitter: @scatchylus
Facebook: Kushites Reset

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