Rohan ‘Patexx’ Rankine Journey Music’s Sweet Melody Riddim

Rohan ‘Patexx’ Rankine Journey Music's Sweet Melody Riddim
Rohan ‘Patexx’ Rankine Journey Music's Sweet Melody Riddim

Grammy Award-winning, Jamaican-born multi-talented creative Rohan ‘Patexx’ Rankine of Journey Music has enlisted the talents of four of Trinidad and Tobago’s most versatile voices for his recently released 5-track Reggae project, The Sweet Melody Riddim. Released in May via digital streaming platforms, the project has received significant support. The diverse reggae project features Trinbagonians Adana Roberts (Lowe Mi), Black Loyalty (Rescue Me), Isasha (Good Draw), Yung Bredda (All For You), and Jamaican Patexx (God Bless Youth). Rohan ‘Patexx’ Rankine, the creator of the Sweet Melody Riddim, presently based in Atlanta, is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He describes his creation as a diverse reggae project that is melodic and reminiscent of why many of us fell in love with Reggae music.”

As the writer of 3 of the songs, ‘God Bless Youth’ (Patexx), ‘Rescue Me’ (Black Loyalty), and ‘Good Draw’ (Isasha), Patexx was intentional about setting the tone of positivity for the project. The slower BPM ensures that listeners can take their time to listen to the message in each track and fall in love with them,” says Patexx.

The 2018 Grammy awardee first visit to Trinidad and Tobago during the Carnival festivities in 2023 inspired the creation of the Sweet Melody Riddim. He says, “The melodies in the Trinbagonia accent sounded so beautiful every time I spoke to someone.” He explains, “Everyone was always cheerful, and when they spoke, it was as though they were singing; the accent sounded like a sweet melody.”

He is pleased that he can encapsulate what he heard and felt through his music. Thus far, the project has been receiving airplay throughout the Caribbean and Ghana, much to the delight of Rankine and all featured on the project. No stranger to music, Rankine has worked with the likes of Bounty Killa, Shaggy, Sting, Dovey Magnum, Safaree, Patrice Roberts, and others.

In 2017, Patexx was awarded a Gold Plaque for ‘Mood For Loving’ with DJ Freddy Moriera and Capital Candy, certified Gold in Europe. A year later, in 2018, he received a Grammy for contributing to the Sting & Shaggy album “44/876,” having co-written 7 songs. His accolades continued to grow in 2021 when he received a Splice Plaque for 500 000 downloads. Then in 2022, Patexx won the Gospel Song of the Year as songwriter and producer of ‘Jesus Rock’ with Chozenn.