Queen Ifrica premieres ‘Black Woman


Queen Ifrica premiered her new video ‘Black Woman’ yesterday in celebration of Women’s Equality Day.

Featured on her album Climb, the lyrically and musically powerful anthem paints the message of black women protecting themselves and uplifting each other.

Filmed in Jamaica, the video features black women of all ages and occupations, while Queen Ifrica, regally dressed in African garb, performs the song against a black backdrop.

Familiar faces Emprezz Golding, Kamila McDonald and Naomi Cowan are also seen throughout the visual.

The video comes at a time when womanhood has been celebrated more than ever with movements such as #MeToo, which bring attention to sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and workplace.

On the other spectrum, black women specifically have been glorified more than ever with movies such as Black Panther, which showcase the all-black female cast as strong, intellectual and brave.