Positink Presents Their New Video Love From Their Upcoming Album

Positink Presents Their New Video Love From Their Upcoming Album
Positink Presents Their New Video Love From Their Upcoming Album

Positink presents their new music video intitled “Love”. It’s a part of their upcoming album set to be released in the autumn of 2023.

Through poetic lyrics and an enchanting melody, this song captures the very essence of universal love and human connection. The chorus, sung with conviction, serves as a rallying cry in our material-focused world. The lyrics reveal that the need for love is fundamental for every living being.

Love” is a genuine anthem to the power and strength of love that transcend borders and differences, reminding us that in an often chaotic world, love remains our anchor and guide.

Track listing Positink – Monde Meilleur

01 – Positink – Lighta

02 – Positink – Mets ça haut feat. Chezidek

03 – Positink – Monde Meilleur

04 – Positink – Etre Père feat. Dub Silence

05 – Positink – Love

06 – Positink – Déconnexion

07 – Positink – Addict

08 – Positink – Warria

09 – Positink – La Corrida

10 – Positink – Dividub


Hailing from Auxerre (FR), also known as Auxtown, the Positink group is passionate about Reggae, Hip-hop, and all the cultures associated with them. Positink presents itself as more than just a music group; it’s a collective that blends catchy rhythms with socially conscious lyrics, uniting minds and hearts around a universal message of positivity and reflection. Positink doesn’t hesitate to dip their pen in ink colored with positive vibes, drawing from everyday observations and revealing their vision of the world, sparking contemplation about the role of human beings within our society. The group tackles crucial themes such as respect for the planet, the often detrimental impacts of media, and addiction to social networks.

The group members have skillfully embraced the diversity of their musical influences, drawing from various genres such as blues, soul, and funk. Positink has built a strong live experience by sharing the stage with established artists like Tiken Jah Fakoly, Lila Iké, Biga Ranx, Yaniss Odua, Taïro, and even Ben l’Oncle Soul.Concurrently, the group is dedicated to creating an album, retaining the spontaneity and energy that characterize them. Their objective remains unchanged to passionately convey their fundamental values centered around sharing, love,and respect. A debut self-titled EP and numerous music videos are already available.

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