Nel-k and Deewaï New Track “Travail Soigné” An Explosive Mixture Of Complementarity and Determination Sound

Nel-k and Deewaï New Track “Travail Soigné” An Explosive Mixture Of Complementarity and Determination Sound
Nel-k and Deewaï New Track “Travail Soigné” An Explosive Mixture Of Complementarity and Determination Sound

Imbued with the South American sun, “Travail Soigné” (Well-kept work) is an explosive mixture of complementarity and determination, with strictly Caribbean tones.

Recorded in St Laurent-Du-Maroni with the famous beatmaker Skandalyze (Damaniak, Skandabeats) who also signs the refreshing riddim, we find the raggamuffin MC Deewaï (Supa Dupa vol. 1, 2 and 3), as well as the Martinican artist Nel-k established in Guyana for several years.

It was during his multiple trips there that Deewaï crossed paths with Nel-k and collaborated with him on several projects and concerts, via his production Atipa Record. This most catchy track exposes the common positioning of the two artists in the world of music, an ode to the quality of form and substance, faithful to the primary meaning of the MC’s mission. The clip was produced a few months ago by Valki (SLM Ghetto Live).


Ragga-dancehall artist, fast-style addict, Deewaï cut his teeth in sound systems in the early 2000s with FULLBLASTAH (Nantes). From underground evenings to opening acts for renowned artists, Deewaï carries the banner of independent raggamuffin high with each of its appearances on record or on stage.

Uncompromising technical MC, attentive to both substance and form, in 2021 he delivers the famous triptych “Supa Dupa” alongside his side kick Puppa Dready (Truth & Right Sound, Mix Two), three albums with digital and furiously energizing sounds ( available on cds & 45 rpm).

Continuing his musical path with passion and great application, it is this time on a strictly dancehall rhythm that he returns, accompanied by the Martinican artist Nel-k. This new track, recorded and clipped in Guyana at the beatmaker Skandalyze (Damaniak, Skandabeats, Black Tune Publishing…), foreshadows a year rich in releases for the Nantes native.

Always active on stage, he can be found throughout France, accompanied by different groups, including Puppa Dready and Breizh Massive Sound.

A multi-player, he has also been at the helm of the hip-hop-reggae-bass music radio show “Bass Addict Show” (Prun’FM, for around twenty years.

Winner of the reggae musical springboard during the last edition of the No Logo BZH festival, Deewaï sees 2024 presenting itself to him under the most favorable auspices.



A complete artist (rap, trap, reggae and dancehall), NEL-K is originally from Martinique, born in Vitry-Sur-Seine (94).

He has been playing in several groups and collectives since the 2000s. First with M. Chep’air and Moi-K from WHAT ELSE CREW, then with YST, Sheitano, Ned and Jonquaille in PARADOX CREW.

Passionate about writing, his texts reflect his experiences and his perception of the world. He sings in French and Creole in his own style, oscillating between rap and ragga-dancehall.

West Indian, French and Guyanese influences accompany this artist, described as “conscious” by the media (see “Guyane Underground”). His music brings people together through its diversity.

His first recordings took place between Montauban and Toulouse: in 2009 with the title “Avant de Partir” at the Ladiese studio, then in 2011 (“La Vie est un Combat”) at the Esté Tireless home studio with M.Lezard and Sheitano.

Living in Guyana since 2012, he met many artists and DJs (X larnak, Langaman C, Sista Dreo, DJ Orphé) with whom he collaborated to eventually form a collective (SOHOLANG ARTISTS). With this training, he organizes numerous “open mics” and tours the local scenes.

A meeting with DJ Selecta T (Natural Sound) in 2014, followed by a few recordings at Natural Sound Studio naturally led to the idea of an album, produced by the associative label ATIPA RECORD. Entitled “Qui j’Suis”, it will be released in October 2019  (14 rap-ragga tracks).

Since then, the artist has released singles:

-TKNP(To Konprann Nou Pèdi) – March 2021;

-Y en A Marre – 2022

-L’Envers du Décors – 2022 (with the contribution of Skandalyse’s “BLACK TUNE PUBLISHING” publishing house)

Since 2021, he has been the new President of the associative label ATIPA RECORD, which works to promote music and artists in Guyana.

Today Nel-k invites you to discover his musical universe live, with a group of musicians called the “homies” with whom he has been performing on stages in Guyana since the end of 2022.

Still very active, his next single “Travail soigné” will be in collaboration with the Nantais artist Deewaï.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, he is a reference in the landscape of Saint-Laurent ragga hip-hop culture.