L French Où T L’ écrit des maux

L French Où T

Activist in all forms of reggae since 2001, in France and abroad (Spain, Holland, Peru…), L French Où T finally unveils his first solo album, L’écrit des maux.

Passing from French, English and Spanish with ease, L French Où T takes us into his unique universe, with his unique and recognizable writing, conscious lyrics, and reggae, hip hop, dub, or ska compositions, realized by virtuosos who have played with the greatest reggae artists (Tiken Jah Fakoly, Alpha Blondy, Tonton David…) from the 4 corners of the globe (Venezuela, Gayana, Dominica, France).

L French Où T Profile

L French Où T started singing in 2001 with the hip hop group Alia 2, while living in Barcelona. It is from this experience that he takes his name, which means “the French” phonetically (the franchisee), that he writes L French Où T because he sings mainly in French, but also in Spanish and English. Back in 2002 in the Yvelines, he joined the group Smoke Family (2002-2004), which became SounaLighta, a real musical UFO (a mix of rock, soul, reggae, salsa, afro-beat, funk, zouk…).

He also sings in the groups The Roots Movement (Holland, 2006&2007 for Jackman’s Reggae Memorial Day), DuB-O-MatiK (2010), Selam (2010), Party Civile (2010-2012), Mal Maal (2010-2013), and finally BunKaya (2015).

In parallel, he began his solo career in 2006, when he participated in the compilations Independanchall (Brand new, feat. K’Tastruff) and Opération Ragga Dancehall (Dance Soul Mission, feat Dinzahi, alias John Doe, his buddy within SounaLighta).

A true “off-road MC”, he shares the vibe, most often in improvisation, with many DJs and soundsytem in France and abroad, such as Reeko (Soul Stereo), Cessman (Dübliminal Ariwa, UK), Dub Diggler, Wachuma sound system (Peru), DJ Exclusive (Belize), DJ Yudel (Cuba), Footprint System (Paris Dub Session#16), Neboty Roots, Snoww Dub soundsystem, Jah Nation, Peeny Wally, Roots Meditation… It is in 2014 that he started working on his album L’écrit des Maux.

He calls on Rastea (composer, keyboards), Dominique Larose (choirs), Stanley Hamilton (bass), Alejandro Guerrero (percussion), Vivi (guitar) and Jumbo (bass for Burn and Bouge Toi). On February 2, 2019, he announced the release of his album on May 10, 2019, during his interview with La Grosse Radio Reggae.

L French Où T – Weblinks

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/lfrenchot/

Instagram   https://www.instagram.com/lfrenchout/

YouTube   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtuU9nm4dJJrjrKWmP5ukA

SoundCloud   https://soundcloud.com/user-599962250