Kenny Smyth & Bloodfireclothing Truth feat. Kumar

Kenny Smyth - Bloodfireclothing Truth feat. Kumar

Kenny Smyth and Kumar Fyah, two Reggae „Bredbasket“ singers from Jamaica, just released their new single, „Truth. The bright and fresh reggae song was written by Kenny and produced by Bloodfireclothing. The official video was released by Reggaeville on Youtube.

Kenny Smyth, the young and talented musician, singer, and songwriter plays guitar and boasts a soulful voice with range that most artists are unable to capture. His tireless devotion to reggae and roots-rock, plus his boundless enthusiasm on stage, are both captivating and hypnotic.

The story of Kumar is one of pure talent, compassionate worldview, ceaseless determination and exponential growth. It is about a voice that has inspired countless in his generation with messages of strength, redemption and universal love.

Bloodfireclothing is a record and clothing label that was created by a young team from a small island called Sylt, located in Germany. They are currently promoting several talented artists all around the globe.