Junior Dread Reggae Sensation Releases Leaders

Junior Dread Reggae Sensation Releases Leaders
Junior Dread Reggae Sensation Releases Leaders

New single from Junior Dread, the new reggae sensation from Brazil!

Junior Dread is one of the new generation of reggae artists. Hailing from Brazil, he’s already a household name in South America, and his reputation is spreading to the rest of the world. Thanks to a string of well-received singles and a handful of dates in Europe, this artist has found his audience and is destined for a successful musical career.

Now he’s teaming up with French label Irie Ites Records for a musical collaboration that has produced an excellent single entitled ‘Leaders’. In this track, Junior Dread warns us about the corruption of the most powerful ‘Leaders‘ and urges us to fight against them. Lyrics that resonate around the world today!

As for the music, The Ligerians are joined by Dean Fraser & Nambo Robinson on horns, who do a wonderful cover of Judy Mowatt’s original ‘Black Woman’.

To round off this release, Irie Ites has concocted a dub version of this track, entitled ‘Dub Leaders’.

Let yourself be transported by Junior Dread‘s voice and the magnificent instrumental version, and enjoy the video shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil by the Victor Adelino – ElSiguinte team.