Julian Marley Protests Against Climate Change With Dont Ruin My World

ulian Marley Protests Against Climate Change With Dont Ruin My World
ulian Marley Protests Against Climate Change With Dont Ruin My World

Grammy- nominated recording artiste, Julian Marley, is using his platform to bring awareness to world issues, particularly climate change.

The Awake hitmaker has teamed up with Everland on the newly released single, Don’t Ruin My World.

The song, which is produced by Myish & Fams House Music and executive produced by Everland CEO Gerald Prolman, was officially released on September 16.

Prolman describes Don’t Ruin My World as an anthem “to amplify the voices of young people who are anxious about the climate crisis and are demanding that adults do what is right to safeguard their future before it’s too late”.

In the song, Julian Marley, who is the son of reggae legend, Bob Marley, and Lucy Pounder, skilfully replaces Mother Earth with his lady love and passionately asks that environment be protected.

The medicines in leave,

The histories in trees

The foundation fruit of our lives

Human and nature in harmony

All these things are part of me

Don’t you take her life.


Her warmth is like the sun shining oh so bright

She keeps me rooted in her soil of life

I couldn’t leave her even if I try

She’s branching out for a better life.

Don’t ruin my world, don’t trouble my world (repeat)

Marley said he is happy to be lending his voice to make a difference in the fight against climate change, and has urged more people to come onboard.

“One voice is not enough. The destruction of forests is one of the leading causes of climate chaos, children are our future and if we don’t act now that future will continue to be in jeopardy,” Marley said.

Everland represents the world’s largest portfolio of high-impact forest conservation (REDD+) projects. They bring together forest communities and corporations in a common cause to protect some of the world’s most important and vulnerable forests.

The United Nations, in a recent report, said the world is “heading in the wrong direction” when it comes to climate change.

“Floods, droughts, heat waves, extreme storms and wildfires are going from bad to worse, breaking records with alarming frequency,” said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in a statement.