Limited Edition Polyvinyl From Dubophonics Records “Dubplate Cuts Series” Shanti-K / Aki Mittoo / Goja Bongos – Botanical Story 

Limited Edition Polyvinyl From Dubophonics Records
Limited Edition Polyvinyl From Dubophonics Records "Dubplate Cuts Series" Shanti-K / Aki Mittoo / Goja Bongos - Botanical Story 

A few words about the dub recipe, which consists of the following three ingredients, only to be found in Japan:

The Dub creator and producer Shanti-K: He Started making music in 1993. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, djembe) and producer (Kalpana Studio), he has been providing riddims for various artists and producing tunes also for sound systems.

The female melodica player Aki Mittoo: Coming from the town of Aichi and already a regular on the label, she is known through her collaborations with Dub Cmd, SistaSara and Soul Fire. Nevertheless, this is her first release on Dubophonic Records as a member of a full Far East crew. She has a license as a Yamaha piano instructor and a Suzuki Musical Instrument melodion instructor. Her playing Style is cultivated through her experience as an instrumentalist in different genres throughout the years.

The Kette drum player and manufacturer Goja Bongos: He lives in the town of Hyogo and he likes earthy music: reggae, African, afro-Cuban and Latin. After his visit to Jamaica in 2005, he started manufacturing kete drums. Since 2015, he has been in charge of the percussion in the roots reggae band of Sister Maki, while his passion for drumming guided him to form in 2019 his own nyahbinghi project. “Goja” is a local dialect of Banshu that means “crazy”! If you enter the circle of Nyahbinghi, the drums of Goja Bongos will shake the earth with a dangerous presence.

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