Candy Kay inspires us all to ‘Feel That Love’

Candy Kay x Claudd - Feel that love
Candy Kay x Claudd - Feel that love

In an era dominated by music which standardizes the idea of having short-lived, disposable human connections, Trinidad & Tobago songstress Candy Kay is breaking the mould with her latest track ‘Feel That Love’; a track dedicated to re-normalizing the concepts of long-lasting love and long-term committed relationships. Candy Kay is breaking the mould with her latest track ‘Feel That Love’; a track dedicated to re-normalizing the concepts of long-lasting love and long-term committed relationships. Candy Kay (real name Candice Corbie) is an eclectic singer-songwriter and instrumentalist who embraces multiple genres of music as evidenced in her latest single ‘Feel That Love’ which is best described as a Caribbean Pop fusion which blends elements of Pop, Soca, Reggaeton and Afrobeat influences.

The diligent wife and mother of two shared on her inspiration for creating this song stating, “The song is about feeling and sharing love with a deep appreciation for your significant other. Relationships rarely last long in this day and age and it’s just a reminder to persons (who are fortunate to be in a great relationship) to hold on to them, don’t take them for granted and cherish them. The world, as it is right now, needs more love and it’s just encouragement to show that these long-lasting relationships can and do still exist, if you’re willing to put in the work.”

She added, “I see the struggles others are having in their relationships and based on my personal experience and marriage of 14 years, I wanted to give hope that long lasting relationships still do exist.”

Feel That Love was written and recorded by Candy Kay at her home studio and produced by east Trinidad-based sound engineer, DJ and multi-genre producer CLAUDD (Christopher Dias).

The song’s accompanying music video was directed, edited and produced by an upcoming duo of talented T&T visual creatives, Abigail Corbie and Alasdair Bell. It features an attractive tropical ambiance and truly captures the song’s warmth and message as it features Candy’s own husband and daughters and the undying love within their family unit.

Multifaceted and musically-gifted are two words which describe Candy Kay, an artiste with decades of music industry experiences which included her work as a solo performer, being a fixture on the annual Parang circuit as a member of Voces Jovenes and performances at major festivals such as the St. Lucia Jazz festival, Tobago Jazz festival and T&T’s 50th independence celebrations in London.

The driven and all-embracing Candy Kay aspires for ‘Feel That Love’ to gain international airplay and streaming and even to be incorporated into film or television. However, her overall goal remains the same, that is, for listeners to be able to relate to the song’s positive vibe and for it to remind them of the beauty of a mutually satisfying relationship.

As she eagerly gears up for further collaborations and to release a new Soca track for the upcoming 2023 T&T Carnival season, she remains thankful to her fans and supporters and promises to continue to be true to herself while honouring her vision of impacting lives through music.

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