Cali P New Track Sings Jah Blessings

Cali P New Track Sings Jah Blessings
Cali P New Track Sings Jah Blessings

After two successful singles, showcasing both Cali P’s dancefloor-filling abilities and his skill at Reggae-laced cuts, now the singer/songwriter has returned with his latest track – demonstrating once more this talented individual’s ability to turn his hand to any genre.

Jah Blessings, released on 19 April in a co-production between Cali P and the legendary Randy Valentine, sees Cali P broaden his sound out once more – now embracing modern Alt RnB flavours, where genres are woven together to create a unique and unboxable in sound.

The track is underscored by key rhythm sections elements. The rich and rounded 808 bass is on a swooping, elongated riff which drops beats in between – reminiscent of Trap. This then filters into the drums, where hi-hats do the obligatory buzz rolls, while the kick echoes the bass line but across a more syncopated riff – and rasping snares fill in the spaces in between.

Then, Jah Blessings brings some additional interest – juxtaposing with the Trap elements to create that Alt RnB sound. Litling acoustic guitars weave firstly around intricate, chord-based runs but also secondly straighter juts in and out at certain points. The use of synth horns is a brilliant addition, as it brings something more electronic to the mix – then, the backing vocals are heavily harmonised across straight accompaniment and call and response patterns.

Overall, Jah Blessings is an impressive foray into Alt RnB – which Cali P then delivers powerful lyrics over. The song centres around having faith in Jah and all that then brings; that if you maintain trust and follow the right path – even if you sometimes stray – then his blessings will be upon you. As Cali P laments, “Jah Blessing never short cause we have enough. Mi learn fi find peace pon di rocky road”.

His vocal is impassioned and expressive as ever – using that signature high-tenor to good effect, while delivering rhythmic dynamism too. The accompanying video, shot in Thailand with a full crew from the country, promises to be equally serine and moving.

Cali P said of Jah Blessings:

“This was the time of the day – we were in this little house on the lake, me and Randy, producing music, making riddims, writing songs – and one morning I woke up and he was working with the melody, and it felt so right, so good. The while vibe clicked right there. Working with Randy is very nice. It’s something we do from a long, long time ago. And finally, now, we can start putting out the songs we produced together. I’m really looking forward to releasing Jah Blessings. We didn’t want to stay in a box. We wanted to deliver a different sound; something different with a powerful message. I hope listeners will take from that track that everything is possible. The music, the message, the way it all connects – I want the people to feel the heights and to be happy. This is something that is very truthful and very right: explaining everyone’s journey. I’m thankful for this track and looking forward to releasing it”.

Jah Blessings is quite revelatory from Cali P and Randy Valentine – a journey into a genre away from both these talented individuals’ usual mainstay – but one that shows how talented they both really are. As Cali P reminds us:

“Make di preparation den, now a time fi harvest”.