Save The Children – Hezron

Save The Children - Hezron
Save The Children - Hezron

Hezron’s soul aches and voice wails on Save the Children, his latest release and a cry to all nations to protect, care for, and nurture children for a better tomorrow.

The single’s premiere comes in the wake of Clarendon massacre which saw a mother and her four children discovered dead with their throats slashed.

Written and produced by Hezron for Tad’s International Records, Save the Children was initially inspired by the film Beasts of No Nation, which follows the implications of civil war and the recruiting and exploitation of child soldiers. It made him think of local dons recruiting youth into a life of crime and violence, stories of which Hezron has been exposed to, having recorded music at studios located in inner cities over the years.

“Sometimes we busy, as elders and mature people, on our own survival that we might see a kid and disregard them, but this is what a lack of attention and focus on these problems is causing now,” the singer told The Sunday Gleaner. “The looseness, the atrocities, the vile acts, and even the rootlessness that kids have developed against us is because they feel like they were neglected when they were crying out. We have to take a look and ask, what does the future look like?”

Being a father to a son raised in the United States, Hezron has worried about having the right influence around his youth and is grateful to God that his family was around to steer him on the right path. Save The Children bears a specific message to parents to remember they are their child’s first teacher. He added, “Fathers have to be in the children’s lives more now, it can’t be a joke thing. We have to guide the future.”

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