Berise Releases Take Me As I Am


“Take Me As I Am” is the debut album of Berise, the founder and frontman of the Italian Reggae band Shanti Powa. The album has been produced together with Scottish Producer Escape Roots. Both artists met in February 2020 in the northern Italian mountains and wrote all the songs together, than the vocals have been recorded in Glasgow, Scotland. 6 Songs is the result.

The lyrics in the song are very personal, each song with its specific topic and style. The genres go from Reggae to Dancehall to Trap. The album has been mastered by Guido Craveiro, who is the sound engineer of Seeed and Gentleman.

While the digital release contains 6 songs, the Vinyl will contain 5 more Remixes by Numa Crew, Vandal, Pitch Madattack, Escape Roots and Nesuno. The Vinyl will be out beginning of December 2020.

1. “Take Me As I Am”: The main song of the album is a love song. True love is all about mutual understanding and appreciation. “Take me as I am as I take you as you are”.

2. “Magic Tricks”: Talks about always keep pursuing your dreams and to do everything possible to make them reality. “Got a goal inna mi mind, gonna work hard for it, gotta use mi time well, ye me was born fi it”.

3. “Hard Drugs”: In this song Berise sings about the negative aspects of Hard Drugs focusing on Cocaine. “Wiser and wiser, be conscious not dumb”

4. “Martin”: This song is about a refugee who arrived to Italy, married a Italian wife, made family, got a low paid job in a factory but than looses everything and dissapears. “This is a difficult time ruled by the Dollar Dollar sign, this is a difficult life, poor people nah got no choice”

5. “Roadblock”: In Roadblock Berise talks to the haters and friends who turned their back on him. The song emphazises on not getting distracted and keep doing your thing. “Sick of the lies, haters goodbye, just gimme the mic, kill dem with my rhymes”.

6. “We Di Familia”: Talks about the unity in the Reggae scene, focusing on the Italian Reggae scene spefcifically. It is a featuring with XL Mad.

Berise is the frontman and founder of the Italian Band Shanti Powa. He is active since 2010 and has done over 300 shows around Europe, released 3 albums with Shanti Powa, 1 Album with Wicked & Bonny and many more singles and collaborations.


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