Noiseshaper Featuring Seanie T New Track Release These Streets

Noiseshaper Featuring Seanie T New Track Release These Streets
Noiseshaper Featuring Seanie T New Track Release These Streets

The sound company “Noiseshaper”, which started in 1999 under the active project name, is pushing after 14 years of production abstinence, with new recordings in the frequency range of irresistible catchy tunes.

Brief outline of the past: First became known through your releases on the now legendary and now notorious rockers hifi label “Different Drummer” and later through musical contributions to the US television series CSI-Miami and the Hollywood feature film “Dukes of Hazzard”, “Californication “.

The Viennese coffetable boys Axel Hirn and Florian Fleischmann (first immigrated to Berlin and later to London – now back in Vienna) achieved cult status with the 12″ release “The Only Redeemer”, on the US label PALM PICTURES (by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell) and its side subsidiary “Quango Records” Since then you have been a permanent guest on the playlists of the hottest DJs in Berlin, Vienna, Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. Remix orders from greats like Sly & Robbie, Outkast, 7 Dub, Carl Douglas followed.

What was special about Noiseshaper remained. This inimitable mixture of playful beats with a cultivated pinch of reggae, the funky attack and inclination towards downbeat and in the tips to trip hop and house. The passing of time, the fading away of years, the blowing away of beats and melodies in seemingly endless echoes and delays gave birth to the new tracks: the warm reverberation rooms and basses, the magnetically shimmering sound foundations are playful breeding ground for strong vocal contributions by Seanie T (Dub Pistols ), Horace Andy, MC Sammy Dread, Simply Straw.

A strong comeback with symphonic density.