Listen To Subset’s New EP Entitled Call Of The Whipbird

Listen To Subset’s New EP Entitled Call Of The Whipbird
Listen To Subset’s New EP Entitled Call Of The Whipbird

The second release is Subset’s new EP entitled Call of the Whipbird. It builds on his previous fusions of electronica and live instrumentation to great effect.

Born in New Zealand and now residing in Australia, the deep reverbs and modulating filtering delays of minimal dub techno and dubtronica is where Subset calls home.

The enchanting opener Whipbird Dub features an Australian Eastern Whipbird recorded in misty parkland in Maleny, Queensland, and gave rise to the EP’s title.

It is followed by the oft psychedelic Journey to Tayrona, which relies heavily on live guitar and bass.

The atmospheric Aximal was the first track completed for the release, and its interplay of effected and mangled synth lines creates a spacious and syrupy vibe, like dancing in a cave full of bubble tea.

Originally started in May 2021, the aptly named Off the Deep End was a late discovery in a trove of incomplete tracks, and was the last tune completed for the EP.

Finally, Step Function sees a return to a more straight-forward dub techno feel with flicks and flecks of warped and effected synths creating texture atop a driving kick drum and bassline.

Marking a break from Subset’s usual photograph-based artwork, the cover was generated by directing a machine-learning algorithm to hint at the illusive nature of the Eastern Whipbird.

Released on Dubmission Records.