Krisis Finds Hit With Finally Found

Krisis Finds Hit With Finally Found
Krisis Finds Hit With Finally Found

Despite their individual talents and respective careers, reggae artistes Knatch Rychus, Imar Shepard and Iyah Style have teamed up and are reaping the benefits of their latest single Finally Found, performing under their group moniker Krisis.

Iyah Style, whose given name is Dillon Hines, explained the rationale for performing as a group.

“It’s a group but it’s three individual artistes and while we have a buzz as individual artistes in other parts of the world, we still have to do the groundwork here in Jamaica,” he said.

“The day before Valentine’s Day the group released a video for the song Finally Found, which is a really nice love song that persons are getting married to. We sing this song at weddings and people have been calling from overseas requesting this song at their weddings, so we have really been putting out some good songs,” he said.

Their first song was Chalice and Iyah Style explained that each member gets a chance to choose the subject of the next song.

“So I asked Knatch Rychus (given name Niccoy Cunningham) what the next topic should be and he said he wanted to do something for the ladies, but not just any regular ladies’ song. He wanted to do something for the special ladies. [As for] Imar (given name Omar Shepherd) … we put it to him and he created the hook and Knatch and I finished our parts,” he explained.

He further explained that the song was released on Valentine’s Day in 2022, but the video was only released this year as the group was not working with a big budget.

“It’s just one of those things when you are coming up and your name is not as prominent,” Iyah Style said. “A wedding planner here heard about it from our management team so most of the popularity for this song is coming from overseas. It is filtering back to Jamaica because collectively, people are wondering how come they haven’t heard about the group here in Jamaica but they have heard about us overseas.”

The group released Krisis Trilogy in September 2021, which also featured Sizzla, Anthony B, and Rachaad Amargii. The group also released Feelings Riddim EP featuring Chezidek.

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