French Beatmaker Manudigital His Brand New Album “Step Up”

French Beatmaker Manudigital His Brand New Album “Step Up"
French Beatmaker Manudigital His Brand New Album “Step Up"

With 2 solo albums (“Digital Pixel” in 2016 and “Bass Attack” in 2018 ), a dozen of EPs and more than 800 shows performed all over the globe, the most international French beatmaker in the world of Reggae is back on November 2023 with his brand new album “Step Up”, in which he pushes further the fusion between Reggae and Bass Music.

With “Step Up” Manudigital made his music evolves toward more electronic and hybrid productions. He navigates between musical genres like no one does, inviting guests from all over the world. Armed with his bass, MPC and synthesiser, Manudigital surrounded himself with no less than 17 hand-picked artists to make his productions their own.

“(…) I was already working on my upcoming album and I thought I would keep this small Reggae loop to take it to another style, fully electronic which has given my new album’s DNA” – Manudigital about the track “Step Up”

The album opens with the eponymous explosive track “Step Up” featuring veteran Jamaican deejay Joseph Cotton and British Drum & Bass MC Bellyman, author of the successful YouTube video series “Carz Barz”. Among the artists of the British underground musical scene, Reggae/Soul genius Liam Bailey has been invited on the Pop-infused Digital Reggae track “Enough” which will delight the lovers of soulful Reggae.

Manudigital also reminds us Reggae has always be his first love and, after having produced Alborosie and Protoje’s hit “Strolling” a few years ago, he proposed the Sicilian MC to collaborate with Jamaican artist Yami Bolo on the track “Reggae Music and Love”. A big tune built upon a classic digital riddim in the Jamaican way, a catchy chorus carried by the high voice of Yami Bolo and the legendary flow of Alborosie of the verses.

Cult band Asian Dub Foundation’s singer Ghetto Priest takes also part of the project with “Rasta Corner”, MC Caporal Negus joins Manudigital on “Dub and Bass” and on tour, and Jolly Joseph sings on “The world is Hell” for the Reggae Dub tracks of the album.

In terms of surprises, Manudigital takes pleasure in inviting benchmark artists in each musical genres, walking through Lo Fi Hip-Hop’s path with the Dancehall President aka Skarra Mucci on “Fi Di Youths”, Baile Funk with Punjabi-American rapper Alo Wala and their song “Love on Tap” or even Afrobeat with Dynamq for the last song “Piki Piki”.

Finally, whereas Manudigital will soon celebrate his career 10th anniversary and as his name resonates in sound systems from all over the world, we appreciate each risk taken and each nod to Reggae Culture, wondering what his next shape will be.

First parts of response on November 17, 2023 with the release of “Step Up”, Manudigital’s brand new album.