Dre Island – Four Seasons (Official Music Video)

Dre Island Four Seasons

Dre Island – Four Seasons

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About Dre Island

Dre Island, born Andre Johnson May 2, 1988, hails from the Red Hills Road section of Kingston, a rougher part of uptown where gunshots and crime are in abundance. At the tender age of three, his father asked him what he wanted to do when he grows up, his answer was one word “Piano!” His grandmother nurtured his interest in music, and encouraged him by bringing him to church to sing in the choir and take piano lessons.

By the age of 12 he was already adopting a rebellious spirit, sneaking out of the house at night to attend local stage shows. By the time he attended the elite Calabar high school, he started taking his craft more seriously.

His artist name Dre Island came when a friend of his used to refer to him in that way, as he says “I researched the term and discovered that apart from the meaning we all know, a mass of land surrounded by water, there is another definition ‘an isolated place where you go to find yourself’ and in that perspective it became a spiritual term to I&I: the place where Dre goes to be alone with Jah.”

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