Berise We Di Familia feat. XL Mad Escape Roots


“We Di Famlia” is the second single by Berise anticipating his debut album “Take Me As I Am” out in October 2020. It’s a collaboration with XL Mad & Escape Roots talking about the unity in the reggae scene: “We Are Family”.

Berise specifically mentions some of the veterans who build the Italian reggae scene such as Brusco, Sud Sound System, Villa Adda, Bunna, Alborosie and Jaka. It’s a fresh dubby reggae song with a trap influence. Here comes the new generation of reggae music! 

Berise is the founder & frontman of the 10 piece Big Band Shanti Powa, founded in 2010. Together with his band he released 3 albums and performed all around Europe from Rototom Sunspash in Spain to Boomtown in the UK to Afrika Karibik Fest in Germany to Afrika Tage in Wien to Overjam in Slovenia. He also is part of the Italian dub crew Wicked & Bonny, with who he played hundreds of shows all over the continent since 2017. Right now he is working on his debut album “Take Me As I Am”.

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Berise – Music Video Links

Take Me As I Am (2020)

Fight For The Better (2020)

Sweet Coffee (2020)

Seasons Change (2019)

Rise Up (2018)

Brainwash Radio (2017)

Berise – Discography

Albums with Shanti Powa:

2014: The Orchestra 

2016: Peaeful Warriors

2018: Til’ Insanity

Singles with Shanti Powa

2016: Sunny Day

2019: Here We Come Again

2020: Formula, Rolling On & Heaven 

Albums with Wicked & Bonny:

2020: Daily Hustle 


2020: Tonz Mit Mir 

2020: Take Me As I Am

Singles as Berise: 

2012: Anfang & Ende

2019: Flamingos feat. Amelia Wattson 

2020: Sweet Coffee feat. Amelia Wattson 

2020: Tonz Mit Mir

2020: Take Me As I Am 

Featurings as Berise: 

2017: Brainwash Readio (Wicked & Bonny) 

2018: Seasons Change (Wicked & Bonny) 

2018: Climb High (Andy V)

2019: Bad Times & Good Coffee (Gundhi Brothers) 

2020: Nobody Knows (Foreign Dubbers)

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The sound of Reggae is widely recognised because of its acoustically formed bass and drum downbeat, and its offbeat rhythm section. With such a diversity in style it is also considered complex enough to attract progressively minded musicians. A music that has a strong association with dance covering a variety of styles while also offering a background beat for those sharing Biblical chants of Zion. It is hard to ignore Reggae’s influence and how it interacts with our day-to-day lives. Shared as background music for films and advertising driving its heavy bass lines literally felt wherever rock and pop are played. Reggae has an affinity with mainstream British pop; recognised within the hip-hop culture and considered “cool” by those with no connection to Jamaica. As lovers of reggae my aim is to build a community of reggae followers that can share thoughts, news, events as listeners, artists, DJ’s and hosts.