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Too many Influences to mention the king of reggae music, Bob Marley, the crown prince, Dennis Brown, the cool ruler Gregory Isaac and that's just three to start..

About Me

My first memory of music records was my dad playing blue beat records back in the mid-sixties 64/65, then while at school I wanted to operate the gramophone and play Bach, Beethoven, etc.during assembly which I got to do aged 9/10.

During this time my elder brothers use to buy records – I’d listen and loved dancing. Also during this time one of my brother’s good friends Johnny Johnson (aka JJ) was Djing for a sound called Duke Roy I’d go to his house to collect records for my brother to record on his reel to reel ... JJ along with my father and eldest two brothers was a big influence on me musically. JJ played the best soul, ska, rocksteady, and early reggae of the day. By the age of 11 I was buying soul and reggae records of the day and starting playing at friends birthday parties from around age 12/13. The reggae sound system I followed and was a part of was a sound called Fatman Hi-Fi from the Tottenham area of north London. Fatman Hi-Fi was at the time, one of the top sound systems in England …

I started to get involved with Fatman Hi-Fi aged 14/15. It was easy for me to get involved with Fatman Hi-Fi as they could see my love for the music and my fourth brother knew these guys well, so they took me under their wing. Fatman Hi-Fi had a record shop in Tottenham north London that I worked in selling records for Fatman so my love for music goes back a long way.

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