DJ Cat

dj cat - cativation show


Coming from the beautiful island of Jamaica DJ Cat now lives his dream playing a variety of music on floradio but most of all sharing his speciality and love of sweet reggae sounds.

About Me

Greetings, my name is DJ Cat. I was born in Jamaica, the beautiful island of reggae music that I grew up with. From the ‘CATivation’ of reggae music I knew I wanted to become a DJ. My dreams came true when I came to England and started to DJ at various parties and special events.

I play all types of music although reggae and soul being my speciality; but do not fear, the other sweet sounds are never far from the CATs paw.

I was welcomed into the flo-family to DJ on their radio station. My show is called CATivation.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the flo-family for allowing me to take part in continuing the good vibes.