D’Angel Seeks Help To Feed 500 Families This Christmas

Angels Foundation
Angels Foundation

Concerned about the loss of love, respect and care for her countrymen, dancehall artiste D’Angel is expanding her efforts to spread a little love across the island through her charitable organisation, Angel’s Foundation.

“The unity is not here any more. We are all our brother’s keeper so we need to get back to the days when we loved each other more and respected each other more and cared for each other more. We need to bring back Jamaica to what it was,” she said.

D’Angel, given Michelle Downer, added that she is hurt by the number of murders being recorded daily and how they are impeding the country’s growth.

“This is why I do the best I can for the country through my charity. It is the best I can do. I am trying to spread love,” D’Angel told the news team.

For this year’s Christmas Day celebrations, the No Worries singer is seeking to treat 500 families at the Spanish Town Municipal Park in St Catherine. She recently launched a GoFundMe campaign, aimed at raising US$4,000 (approximately J$613,690), for the purchase of food items to make care packages.

“I singlehandedly do this charity but this is a way for everyone to get involved, to help with purchasing items. I want to get enough to feed the people and most times, I don’t have enough to feed the people. This year, I want it to be more than food. I want to give away clothes as well but food is the priority,” the dancehall artiste shared.

Looking forward to a huge turnout this year, D’Angel explained that having grown up in Spanish Town, growing up without certain amenities is not new for her. It is for that reason that her philanthropic efforts mean that much for her.

“I formed this charity because people need help. I grew up in Spanish Town very poor and my mommy never had enough food to give us, so that’s why I give food for my charity. To know that food is a necessity and it is worse now, knowing that I never had food then and I have food to eat now. At the end of the day, I said let food be my drive,” D’Angel told THE STAR.

Meanwhile, Angel’s Foundation, which is in its seventh year of operation, is seeking to partner with local companies to expand the charity’s reach.

Angels Foundation
Angels Foundation

Persons wishing to assist can access the GoFundMe link at https://gofund.me/a1127c19.

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